Turbo Charged 240sx LS Swap

Nate Hamilton Turbo Charged for 2015

During the offseason, Nate's car was shipped to Enjuku Racing to go through a full rebuild. 144 Motorsports was very excited to have Enjuku take on their build. Bub and Ant are the faces behind the build. The plan was for a 900whp 408 LSX along with a full suspension revamp throughout the whole car. The 144 team headed out to Florida a few weeks ago as the car neared completion and was ready for tuning and testing.

We start with the shoes first. Nate is running the new Enkei PF01 EVO on the car this year in a 17/18 stagger. The wheels really go well with his 2F kit and give off a more aggressive look, which was the goal for this year. 

BC Racing continues to support the race program, hooking us up with their latest coilovers on the car keeping it low and responsive while drifting.

It's hard to find words here. Something is just shocking about the large Garrett GTX Turbo running to 2 tial wastegates. The set up looks all go with a little show with with those blue wastegates.

There she is in all her glory tucked away in the engine bay before she had a filter thrown on her.

The engine bay is my favorite part of this car. Just so much horsepower held by that tube frame front end. The car is light and fast. 

We got the car on the Titan Motorsports dyno. Eric from Holley put a great tune on the car. At the end of the day, we had a hard time not spinning the tires off and it made 870 horsepower!

You can only imagine what it feels like to hop into your drift car, but it makes double the power and the suspension is totally different. On top of that, we were testing at OSW (where Formula Drift Round 3 will be held) and it was raining off and on that day. Nate hopped in the car and adapted QUICK.

Angle, check. Speed, check, smoke, check. Turbo noises, check check check. The car is a monster that is going to allow Nate to unleash his inner monster.  

Nate absolutely loved the car and was ripping! He said he's more comfortable than he's every been in Formula Drift in this new chassis. HUGE thanks to Enjuku Racing for taking their knowledge and creating such an amazing machine. The team is really excited to have Bub, the cars builder, in our pits this season at every round. This is what we call a game changer ladies and gentleman. Sometimes you have the drive, talent, and passion, but you need the right tool to get the job done. This car can win championships, and with Nates drive and hunger he could do it too. Time to turn heads this season. 

Written and shot by Max Fuerst

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