Nissan Nismo Factory Yokohama Japan GTR Showroom

A Visit To Nissan Nismo Factory In Yokohama

We took a train, a bus ride, a short walk to the Nissan Nismo Factory in Yokohama Japan where the guys at Nissan do some of their research and development. The showroom consisted of several Nismo Race Car memorabilia. The workers there were friendly and very helpful with any questions we had. Check out the pics!

Nissan Nismo Factory In Yokohama

They had plenty of GTR’s in the garage side which we were not able to enter. But, the glass wall was helpful to see all the amazing cars, not in the showroom. What a tease. haha, The showroom was a perfect one for a Nismo / Nissan fan.

Nismo Factory in Japan Showroom Counter

Everything from the sleek design of the front counter…

Z-Tune R34 GTR

to the silver Z-Tune R34 GTR displayed towards the back were in pristine shape.


Here’s a back shot of the GTR.


As you walk in through the sliding glass doors you immediately notice the three RB26 engines displayed to the right of the entrance.

RB26 Nismo Japan Price

Some were priced well over 50,000 US dollars, this one is 7,150,000 yen which equals to about $62,000… we’ll take two! ;) 

Nismo Factory in Japan

Here’s a GT500 R34 Skyline GT-R.

Rally SR20DET 4WD Nissan Pulsar

I believe this is a WRC / Rally version of the 1992 Nissan Pulsar GTI-R. From my understanding, it has an SR20DET and is 4WD.

Nismo Pulsar.

Here’s a rear shot of this Pulsar.

Le Mans Nissan R89C

1989 Le Mans R89C with a VRH35 DOC V8.

Nismo Garage Japan

Man, really wish we could have explored the garage area. They had some beautiful GTR’s back there. Maybe next time. Hope you enjoyed the photos and thank you for checking out the blog. Click HERE to visit our store, we really appreciate your support!

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