AE86’S At D-Sport’s Tuner Challenge Chiba Japan

AE86’S At D-Sport’s Tuner Challenge Chiba Japan

Toyota AE86 Drifting in Japan

If you’ve followed us since day one, you know we love AE86’s (What does Hachi-Roku mean? Hachi-Roku in Japanese Hachi = 8 Roku = 6). The Hachi Roku 86 gear was one of the first designs we created when deciding to carry merch. I feel the AE86 really embodies the spirit of drifting. Of course, the popularity of Initial D helped frame this image but I feel it goes deeper than that. For me, it’s a car that by looks alone, you wouldn’t think would be fun or even remotely close to being a race car. I think that’s the beauty of the Hachi Roku. It’s understated in some ways funky ass look. 😉 I want one. Anyway, here all the Toyota AE86 Corollas we snapped at Mobara Twin Circuit / D-Sport Tuner Challenge.

Though it seems to me the JZX100 is the go-to car for Japan drifting, the AE86 is a close second. Check out our Chaser post for lots of JZX100 love.

Run free crew drifting Japan

The Run Free crew was in attendance and did not disappoint. This AE86 belongs to Koichi Yamashita-San. It’s sitting on Work Equip 03 wheels wrapped in Toyo Proxes.

AE86 Japan

Not sure who the owner is but this is an excellent example of an AE86. Sitting on Meister S1 2P’s – Quick side note, Work and Rays seems to be very active in the aftermarket Japan drift scene. This was noticeable in most events I attended while in Japan, including Tokyo Auto Salon.

We featured this car here on WMD after last year's Tuner Challenge. Check the photos HERE. This Hachi Roku was giving ride alongs side by side the D1 and Formula Drift cars. It definitely wasn’t as fast but it was keeping up. My daughter was in it during the last ride-along where it was hit by one of the other cars – ripped the read fender right off. Understandably, the owner looked super sad! Another Run Free AE86… Off-white + black hood + Work Wheels is a win for me.

Hachi Roku Drift car in Japan Mobara

I think this is a D1 Street Legal AE86. Street Legal is basically privateers competing in cars without too many crazy modifications and that are still driven legally on Japan roads. Lone Star Drift has a similar program in Texas.

Volk TE37 15 inch yellow on AE86 Japan

The yellow TE37’s I think are 15″. I wonder if they would look good on my Team Yuro E30?

TE37 Yellow Wheels

I took these just as the sun was setting but had to get one last shot of them.

Drifting Japan AE86 Hachi Roku Hachiroku

These two spent most of their day on the track. Unfortunately, I don't believe they were giving ride alongs that day.

AE86 Japan

The sunset and it was time load these awesome cars up. I really enjoyed checking out all of these Hachi Roku’s and looking forward to coming back next year. If you know or know of any of the owners, please send me a DM on Instagram and I will link them up. Thanks again for checking out the blog – more posts on the way! – Alex


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