All The Toyota JZX100 At Mobara Twin Circuit Japan

All The Toyota JZX100 At Mobara Twin Circuit Japan

JZX100 Japan Four Door Drift Cars

While I was in Japan, I tagged along with the guys from D-Sport to Mobara Twin Circuit which was about an hour away on buss from our hotel next to Shinagawa Station. I’m glad I did as there were plenty of JZX100 Chaser’s there which happen to be my favorite cars at the moment. I really like four-door drift cars like the Chaser and Cressida. Here are a few photos of most of the JZX100’s that were in attendance. I do not have much info on any of these cars other than the obvious features so I’ll just give my thoughts on each one. By the way, the blue one above was one of the cleanest cars at the track. Enjoy.

Toyota JZX100 Chaser

This one really stood out in Magenta (and white). Just looks like a VIP drift car. It’s really tri-color car. Magenta, black top, white rear end.

JZX100 Chaser Drifting in Japan Mobara Twin Circuit

Here it is in action! Let me apologize in advance for the mediocre action shots – still getting used to this new camera… also, I’m not a pro photographer so please take that into account. ;) 

Chaser Tokyo Japan Work

This one was extra clean, and even though it’s only tape, the teal color stood out for me.

Sasayama Formula Drift Japan D1

Did not see much of this car at the event – can’t remember if it was giving people ride alongs. It is driven by Shigehisa Sasayama in Formula D Japan I believe.

Drifting Mobara Twin Circuit

Here it is shredding tires!

A surprising and awesome thing about these car owners is these guys actually drift their cars. These are not missile’s, these are really good looking cars and are always at risk of totaling them.

I’m a fan of incomplete/unfinished cars.

This guy was ripping it on track most of the day. As I said, these guys love to drive their cars. I know it sounds obvious but I know so many who are very… I wouldn’t say scared because I understand there are some financial things in play… but hesitant to drive their cars on track.

Drifting in Japan JX100

As I mentioned in the beginning, I wasn’t able to talk much with the drivers due to my lack of Japanese, but I would have liked to ask whether they drive their kids to school in these Chasers. Quick note, at this particular event, the car owners seemed a bit older than what you see in the states. Maybe closer to 35-40 years old.

D1 Japan Driver Rays Wakos RG Racing Gear Mobara

This is Kazumi-san’s pro D1 car. Both my daughter and I had a ride along in this one as well – it was great!

Here is Kazumi a D1 driver in tandem with Yoshinori Shinozaki’s pro-Formula Drift Japan JZX100.

Black JZX100 Volk te37 Japan

This guy spent most of his time on the track and was also offering ride alongs.

d1 jx100 drift team in Japan

Overall, the JZX100 is one of my favorite cars at the moment. I see them here and there in the states – a friend of a friend has a clean white one in the Los Angeles area which I was hoping to use for SEMA but the stars didn’t align. Really hope we see more of them in the coming years as they become legal to import and drive in the US. Thanks for hanging out and hope you enjoyed the photos of these awesome Toyota Chaser JZX100’s. A big thank you to Turn14 Distribution, Koyorad, Enkei Wheels, and D-SPORT for letting me tag along!



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