Final Formation Meet – Houston

Final Formation Meet – Houston

I had an amazing time in Houston this past weekend! We were actually there for TX2K17 but hit up a few car meets while in town, including the Final Formation meet. Houston has a keen eye for the classics and a lot of these cars were in awesome condition and very well built. Not only were the cars in the main area dope, but the ones from people just hanging out were also just as nice – we snapped a few of those on our Instagram page so make sure to check those out. Anyway, a lot of awesome cars out there – here are some of our favorite shots.

I had an awesome time and I’m always amazed on how inviting the import/tuner community is in Houston! TX2K was great but I really enjoy these meets – we need more of them as it really brings the car culture community together. It’s cool to look at these cars online, on your phone, etc… but it’s a whole different thing seeing them in person and also watching other people enjoy them. When kids who just happen to be at the park run into a meet like this… it’s likely it will inspire new minds to join the movement. A big shout out to the guys at Final Form USA who did a great job putting this meet together. Hope to be back in Houston soon! – Alex

David’s Mazda RX7FD

e36 bmw houston

Honda S2000

Honda S2000


Mazda RX7FD White Houston

Nissan Skyline 2000GT

fairlady z

Car Meet Houston

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