RX7FD Tokyo Auto Salon Japan

Parking Lot Jems At Tokyo Auto Salon

Sometimes the best cars at Tokyo Auto Salon are in the parking lot. I’ve made it a custom to walk the parking lot on my way out every year to see what I find. Sure they’re not as flashy and put together as the ones inside but they’re absolutely worth the walk in the cold. Everything from crazy modded vans to classic Mazda RX7FD’s, to street driven NSX’.

GTR R34 Skyline Tokyo Auto Salon

This blue Nissan R34 was extra clean. I love Skylines but more of a fan of the “common man’s” car… like 240’s, E30’s, Miata’s, etc. Cars that are easily attainable if that makes sense.

Paul Walker tribute sticker GTR R34 Japan

That being said, the GTR is undeniably cool. That Paul Walker tribute sticker was pretty cool too.

Japan mini van culture - Toyota Alphard

This Toyota Alphard van is owned by Toshikazu who was cool enough to ask everyone to move out of the way while I photographed it.

Toyota Alphard grill Japan Tokyo Auto Salon

If this was a Transformer, would it be a Decepticon or Autobot? The Lexus next to is looking good too – wish I would have taken a photo. :/

Modified Toyota Prius Work Emotion Wheels Japan

According to the internet, this Prius is owned by Imaizumi. I saw plenty of good looking Prius’ while in Japan. I feel it’s kind of looked down on in the states to mod a Prius (plenty out here)… maybe we’ll do a WMD Prius. Love the aggressive look of the Work Emotion T7R’s wheels and think the Lexus badge takes it over the top. Minus the fender flares (would need different wheels without) I feel it could be a practical daily in the states.

Japan Mazda RX7 RX7FD Blue

There were plenty of RX7’s in the parking lot but these were our top three we have photos of.

Forrest green RX7fd at Tokyo Auto Salon in Japan

Forest Green RX7FD!

Black RX7FD Tokyo Auto Salon TAS

This one is probably our favorite out of the three… I think the body kit balances out the car pretty good.

Nissan Skyline GTR  Japan Red Burgundy SSR Wheels

Another car there wasn’t a short supply of was the Skyline. Here are a few that caught our eye.

GTR Skyline R33 R32 R34 Japan

Really like the looks of the R33 over the R32 and R34… if I had to choose. I think it’s a good balance of the slimmer 32 and bulkier 34.

Nissan R33 Nismo in Japan Silver

Another clean R33.

An EVO X on Work Wheels

An EVO X on Work Wheels

Classic Supra Japan turbo

Plenty of classics…

Nissan Stagea wagon Japan

This is a Nissan Stagea wagon.

180sx in Japan Blitz Seats

Clean 180SX S13

S15 in Japan on Work Wheels Tokyo Auto Salon

S15’s are a lot more common in Japan so you get a chance to see a large variety of looks.

S15 rear japan

This off-white with Work Emotion CR KIWAMI one piece wheels. Simple and clean.

Nissan GT Sedan in Japan

At first glance, I thought this was a Cressida but it’s actually a Nissan something – don’t recognize the badge.

Nissan Chaser Toyota

The Toyota Chaser is another car you see moded a lot in Japan.

Toyota Chaser in Japan

It’s also one of my top cars I would like to have as a project.

honda acura NSX volk te37 Japan

This NSX was nice and dirty so it looks like it’s driven often.

S15 Volk te37 japan

Will leave you with this S15. If you ever get the chance to visit Tokyo Auto Salon, don’t forget to walk through the parking lot – lot’s of cool stuff. Below is a quick walk around some of these cars – enjoy and thanks for hanging out! – Alex

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