S-Chassis And More At Tuner Challenge

S-Chassis And More At Tuner Challenge

What’s up guys, here are a bunch of pics from D-Sport’s Tuner Challenge event at Mobara Twin Circuit in Chiba Japan. I don’t really have a storyline other than it was really fun and the people were awesome. Thanks to the D-Sport team, we were able to go on ride alongs with a few D1 drivers which was insane. But, we had a hell of a time and it was way warmer than last year so everyone was happy about that.

Anyway, I’ll try my best to give some detail on each pic… plenty of S-Chassis in these pics but other cars as well so please enjoy! Also, if you want to see the JZX100’s / Chasers separately, CLICK HERE to check out my last post.

Japan 180SX Nissan nismo

This S13 is super clean and I believe I saw it last year when we attended the same event. At first glance, I was not sure what wheels these were since they looked to be dual drilled (made to fit two different bolt patterns). They have Made in Japan and Forged so I think they are Nismo factory spec wheels. Really like the bronze and red combo om this S13.

s13 s14 s15 180sx 240sx Japan

There were a few 180sx’ (240sx here in the US)… as I mentioned in my JZX100 post, it seems the Chaser is the go-to car for drift/street drivers here. That’s solely based on my few trips to Japan drift events.

s14 240sx japan 180sxHere’s a pretty clean S14.

nissan japan S13Some were less finished than others but still awesome and obviously driven hard.
Nissan S13Here’s another clean 180sx S13.
Japan Drifting S13
This is a D1 Grand Prix Street Legal series car – not sure who the owner/driver is.

s13 180sx Japan Drifting Tokyo MobaraClean Silvia on Enkei RPF1’s (partly).

Nissan S15 Japan Drift CarReally nice looking S15 with some cool aero and bronze Work Emotion T7R wheels.

Mobara Circuit Drift event JapanThis is obviously a missile S14.

Drifting in Japan Believe it or not, this is an S15. Even though it is extra ridiculous, it’s definitely fun watching it drift. Also, it’s actually really well put together if you ask me. Haters gone hate 😉

Lexus GS300 Drift Car Manual Always a pleasure seeing a Lexus GS300 drift/race car since I don’t think they were available with manual transmission from the factory.

BMW in Japan Drift CarEven some European cars were in attendance – TEAM YURO! Not sure if this is the 2JZ powered E92…BMW in Japan. A BMW E92 I think on Work Emotion CR 2 Piece wheels. I’m all about Japan-made wheels on Euro cars.

SC300 Lexus drift car in Japan Good looking SC300 / Soarer on I believe WedSport wheels? Not 100% on that. Lexus Drift car sc300 Japan.

Mazda RX7FC Japan Drift CarsClean Mazda RX7FD in attendance.

One of my favorite JZX100’s at the event. Click here to see a bunch of JZX100’s in attendance.One of my favorite JZX100’s at the event. Click here to see a bunch of JZX100’s in attendance.

AE86 Japan

I will leave you with the all mighty Hachi Roku. Click here to see most of the AE86’s at this event.

Again, big thank you to D-SPORT Magazine for letting us tag along. Being at this event makes me as happy as these guys playing rock paper scissors for free gear haha! Thank you for checking us out, talk to you soon! – Alex

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