S15 At Mobara Circuit Japan

Posted by Alex Nunez on

As the bus was approaching Mubara Twin Circuit in Chiba Japan, we passed by a gasoline station where this and another 240 (an S13 I believe) were pulling out. Was kind of upset the windows were fogged up from the 1.5-hour ride from Tokyo so was only able to take a crappy pic with my phone. Luckily it was one of the first cars I spotted when we pulled up to the track. Little did we know it had an RB26 in it. The car looked amazing and sounded amazing as well when it was on the track. Anyway, enjoy the pics and quick one minute video.

s15 Drift rb swap

Nissan S15 in Japan Drifting

Nissan S15 in Japan Drifting RB26

Nissan S15 in Japan Drifting