Pandem Civic EG White

The Pandem Civic EG At TAS2018

What an incredible looking Civic. This was top three one of my favorite cars at Tokyo Auto Salon this year and probably one of the harder times I had shooting a car at this year’s show. Even though I was there on media day, there were plenty of people to get in the way of the pics – but, I can’t blame them when it comes to this clean Pandem Civic EG (I’m sure I was in the way as well  This kind of fan base is usually reserved for the models!

Anyway, please enjoy these seven photos of this great looking hatchback.

 Pandem Civic EG

 Pandem Civic EG te37

 Pandem Civic EG te37

 Pandem Kit Honda Civic EG te37

 Pandem Civic EG te37

 Pandem Honda Civic EG white te37 wing

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