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Long Nights Drift Crewneck Sweatshirt

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When visiting Mobara Twin Circuit in Japan, we spoke with a local driver who was there drifting his Hachi Roku (AE86). His Trueno was looked amazing yet he drove it aggressively on the track. We spoke to him about his process - he said it took a lot of Long Nights getting his Corolla ready but also gets to spend a lot of Long Nights drifting it. We can relate to those long nights at the track, at the shop working on cars, shooting cars, etc. 

We make this shirt and crewneck sweatshirt to salute those gear heads, drifters, and tire shredders who spend long nights working on their cars and long nights driving, drifting, and racing them on the race track (or in Mexico, of course ;).

 - White Tee with Black and Red Long Nights print

- Japanese translates to Drift / Drifting