Team Yuro E30 E36 E46 T-Shirt

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The E30, E36, and E46 are staples in the European Drift community and happen to be some of our favorite cars in the scene. It's only right we offer a t-shirt for those hardcore BMW and European Drift car lovers.

- Black tee with classic yellow print on front

- The numbers 30 36 and 46 graphic to represent the E36 E36 and E46 chassis on back

- Printed on soft t-shirts using a no-feel print process 

Size Chart 
S: 18" wide by 27" long. 
M: 20" wide by 29" long. 
L: 22" wide by 30" long. 
XL: 24" wide by 31" long. 
XX: 26" wide by 32" long.